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BV Designs creates watch faces and apps for different smartwatch platforms – currently Pebble (Rebble), Fitbit and Garmin; and any other platforms it plans to use in the future.  In general, its website is simply a vehicle to demonstrate and present all its products in one place for viewing and sale and does not collect or hold any personal information originating from these platforms in any shape or form.



Data collected, how it is collected and why

  • As is the nature of the smartwatch faces and apps, they are used to present the user’s personal information in a user-friendly format so they can access them more easily from their devices on a regular basis without needing to go to the smartwatch’s mobile app each time.  In order to accomplish that, there are circumstances where the user will need to log in to their user profile and allow access.  When this happens, only they get to see their personal information and no one else and BV Designs cannot access this to store and/or distribute this.


  • Visitors to the site can contact BV Designs to request support regarding an item they have downloaded.  They do this through the contact form provided on the site.  In order for their queries to be resolved efficiently, they need to provide the product they have been using, the platform, the model name, the details of the mobile phone they are using with it, and their e-mail address solely for the purpose of contacting them back.  That information is not held in the BV Designs website and only used for the purpose for troubleshooting the issues the visitors are experiencing with the product and to provide them with a solution.



Questions and your contact information

If you have any questions regarding the above, you can make contact at

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